SAGANET, the Simulation and Gaming Association – The Netherlands is a network for game professionals who share the latest developments in gaming and consult each other about problems they encounter.

SAGANET was founded in 2004. Our predecessor was SPIN: an informal network started in 1994 by enthusiastic visitors of an international conference. SAGANET has become an active association with about 150 members.

Offline, online, digital or manual; at SAGANET expertise of all types of serious games and simulations are brought together. SAGANET is a professional platform, but above all a meeting place for developers, consultants, researchers, trainers and players. SAGANET members exchange knowledge to inspire each other and to benefit from each other’s experience. To stimulate this knowledge exchange SAGANET organizes several seminars a year on issues such as simulation development, gaming programs or the implementation of games in organizations.

We organize additional activities in collaboration with other organizations such as the DGA (Digital gaming association), SAGANET Connexions (War gaming association) and our neighbor SAGSAGA.

SAGANET annually awards the Saganet Award for the best dissertation or thesis on game simulations.

The SAGANET LinkedIn group is open for members and non-members.